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About Us

At Backal Dental Lab, we are proud to be able to say ALL of our work is made in America, including all of our in-house custom abutments.  More and more dental laboratories just can't say that anymore as they outsource to Mexico and China to keep their costs down.  We believe there is  better way to keep costs down.  By using the latest 3D Systems Pro Jet DP Printer in the conjunction with the 3 Shape Dental Scanner D 701- Designer, Backal Dental is on the leading edge of the digital dental revolution.  If your lab is not using this new technology, your patients are not experiencing the benefits this new technology provides.  At Backal Dental, we believe you and your patients deserve a product that is worthy of your high standards. 

By using this new technology we are able to keep our cost down by keeping remakes to a minimum and by removing human error from the equation.  This benefits you in multiple ways:

                                                         1.  Higher quality product at a lower price.                                                        

                                                         2.  Less remakes

                                                         3.  Pride in knowing that "Made in America" means the highest 


                                                         4.  Superior work with minimal turn around time, please allow 7

                                                              business days for crowns and 10 business days for bridges.

Backal Dental has been servicing dentists since 1970 at our Palos Heights location.  The best compliment we hear is "I wish I would have found you 10 years ago."  Its our quality and service that separate us from the competition, let us show you how this new technology can benefit you and your patients!  Contact us today for more information.